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Elliot Woods

855 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Elliot Woods 855 days ago
Elliot W
  • Suggest reordering the sections, e.g. {ofBook, 64bit, Graphics, Emscripten, C++11 + Iterators, Poco and Boost, , Multiwindow, Apothecary, Project Generator,  ...., Community changes}. something like that.
  • Apothecary, CI, other 'behind the scenes' bits could be closer to the bottom, and focus on the message for non oF-devs (main target audience for announcement) .
  • Something short and sweet like 'oF now supports both 32bit and 64bit on OSX and Windows' is a nice easy starter.
With 0.9.0 we are introducing C++11 to C++14 support for all platforms, and start removing Poco since the C++ standard library now or in the near future will provide all the features we used from Poco in the core. Some of those features are still not part of C++14 so until C++17 we provide them through boost::filesystem. Poco will still be shipped with OF to avoid breaking code that relies on it.
Over time, we realized it would be better to focus on the things that made OF unique rather than re-inventing and debugging the same low-level features. The options were Poco or Boost, and we went with Poco because it felt more approachable. In the last few years, C++11, a new version of C++ has become widely adopted, and many of its features have come from Boost. This means now we can replace some Poco code with standard functions, and OF can go back to being "less complicated". For things that aren't standardized yet, we've replaced Poco with Boost to make it easy to transition when those Boost features are eventually adopted. The Poco libraries still come packaged with OF to retain backwards compatibility for anybody who is using the Poco libraries directly.
  • I'm not sure i'd call it 'singleton free', more 'All application state singletons removed and gathered under ofMainLoop

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