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tim gfrerer

854 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by tim gfrerer 854 days ago
tim g With the programmable GL renderer, OpenFrameworks has had support for the latest available OpenGL version since 0.8.4, and with 0.9, modern OpenGL support has matured further. 
Apart from performance optimisations and code cleanups, we have added features like on-the-fly mipmap generation to ofTexture, and for ofFbo, the ability to bind and render to multiple render targets at the same time. ofFbo now also supports MSAA filtering (a.k.a. multisampling) more robustly.
Another feature is the ability to create meshes with arbitrary vertex attributes using ofVbo. This gives advanced users all the flexibility they need to get the correct in's and out's to their shaders. Speaking of ofShaders, these now will now let you know (with some code context and line numbers in the oF console) where compilation failed, if an error was detected.
We have also simplified the way you choose the OpenGL version you want to use for your app: 
  • // main.cpp (openFrameworks 0.8.4)
  • int main( ){
  •         ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768,OF_WINDOW);
  •         ofRunApp(new ofApp());
  • }
  • // main.cpp (openFrameworks 0.9)
  • int main(){
  •     ofGLWindowSettings settings;
  •     settings.setGLVersion(4,5); /// < select your GL Version here
  •     ofCreateWindow(settings); ///< create your window here
  •     ofRunApp(new ofApp());
  • }
The old method still works!
With this release, we attempt to fully embrace the simpler and powerful features that became available with the latest OpenGL versions, all the way up to OpenGL 4.5.
An example for this is how we now deal with ofVbo's data internally: it's all backed by a new object, ofBufferObject, a thin wrapper around GPU held data, taking advantage of the fact that in modern GPUs nearly everything can be plugged into everything.

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