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Jonas Jongejan

658 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonas Jongejan , David Newbury 658 days ago
Jonas J Markdown structure playground
David N docs.openframeworks.cc (Currrent Website) 
  • Sound (ofCore Folder)
  • ofSoundPlayer (header file)
  • section (doxygen \section tag)
  • ofSetSoundVolume (ofCore global function)
Jonas J
  • ofSoundPlayer (class)
David N
  • section  (doxygen \section tag)
  • getPan (ofCore function)
  • getPlayer (ofCore function)
docs.openframeworks.cc (Proposed Website) 
  • Sound 
  • ofSoundPlayer
  • section
  • ofSetSoundVolume
  • ofSoundPlayer(class)
Jonas J
  • section 
David N
  • getPan
  • getPlayer
OpenFrameworks/OpenFrameworks (Core Codebase)
  • ofSoundPlayer file
  • ofSoundUtils file
  • ofVideoPlayer file
  • ofVideoPlayer class
  • ofVideoGrabber file
  • ofVideoGrabber class
  • ofFileUtils file
  • global functions
  • ofBuffer class
  • ofFilePath class
  • ofFile class
  • ofDirectory class
David N workergnome/ofdocs_markdown
David N
  • ofSoundPlayer.md
  • ofSoundPlayer.getPan.md
  • ofSoundPlayer.getPlayer.md
  • ofSoundUtils.md
  • ofVideoPlayer......
David N Doxygen (ofSoundPlayer.h)
Jonas J
  • ofSoundSetVolume (global function)
David N
  • ofSoundPlayer (class)
  • getPan (function)
763 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Zach Lieberman , Jonas Jongejan 763 days ago
  • }
Zach L
  • hey ! both these code examples seem to ask for a pixel that doesn't exist (ie, when y = 0 they ask for y - 1....) 
  • on the older one, you could do y=1; y < h; ...  not sure how to fix in the newer code example....
  • ofFbo, the ability to bind and render to multiple render targets at the same time. 
  • Zach Lieberman and Daan de Lange have rewritten the backend command-line project generator and the frontend GUI. It now has the ability to update project files for existing projects, something that's been possible with non-public facing tools for some time but hadn't been packaged into a more accessible experience.
  • The ofBook project started in early 2014, and had its first private preview in January 2015. After the release of 0.9.0 we are also working to release ofBook. It's huge group effort lead by a few dozen people, starting with organizational efforts, brainstorming, and writing, and most recently a lot of editing.
1136 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonas Jongejan , Kyle McDonald , Riccardo Canalicchio 1136 days ago
  1. all prepared, we want to release it at the same time we announce 0.9.0
Kyle M
  1. latest release will be december 1, may be earlier to pair with ofBook WIP launch
  1. multilingual ofSite
  1. excellent progress from workergnome, requirements are outlined clearly
  1. documentation
  1. currently three things: doxygen, external markdown, disqus
  1. disqus is very fragmented and almost useless, should be on forum or just modifications to doc
  1. translation with doxygen heavily inflates code size
  1. doxygen means documentation comes out with releases... or there is potential to continuously publish documentation with indicators for when it was updated or introduced... could create unnecessary complexity.
Jonas J
  1. ofBook part of the documentation section of openframeworks.cc
Riccardo C
  1. having documentation tagged with version number could let to have filters by version number
  1. 0.9.0
  1. release is going back to january 12
  1. status since last month
  1. 19 → 12 PRs
  1. i thought that asking people to set their own deadlines would help build better expectations, but it turns out we're not very good at estimating when we'll finish working on something. i would like to consider a different release model, either:
  1. putting a cap on the number of issues and PRs total assigned to a release (e.g., 10) without necessarily adopting a multi-branch development process.
  1. being release-date driven instead of milestone-completion driven. this is how bigger projects work, but might not work for us.
  1. some important changes are not backwards compatible, which means the longer we stall on 0.9.0 the bigger problems we will have keeping addons synced between 0.8.4 and 0.9.0
Jonas J
  1. OFX Addon Manager CLI Tool 
  1. Can we create a new addon dependency file? See New ofApp description file specification
1101 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Riccardo Canalicchio , Kyle McDonald , Jonas Jongejan 1101 days ago
  1. workergnome: multilingual site
Kyle M
  1. going to use jekyll with https://github.com/screeninteraction/jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin and minor work to bring the plugin up to date with recent jekyll changes
  1. halfdanj: documentation
  1. more help needed moving documentation from ofSite into openFrameworks
Kyle M
  1. would like some design feedback
  1. project generator (console version, gui version)
Riccardo C
  1. commandLinePG needs tesing, we try to setup travis
  1. commandLinePG binary will be shipped with the gui application
  1. kyle: >0.9.0 milestones are now <20 issues, except 1.0 will need a different strategy
  1. we're launching the survey on monday!
  1. 0.9.0
  1. status since last month
  1. 12 → 10 PRs
1073 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonas Jongejan 1073 days ago
  1. halfdanj: documentation
Jonas J
  1. Won't make it to the meeting. Status is that its moving forward, a lot of (important) files have been documented. The process should be up to date here 
  1. I'm still considering if files that should be hidden from the frontpage (due to its internal character, like all the ofBase* files) either should be marked with a \ADVANCED_DOC  in the header file, or in an external json file. Please discuss this! 
  1. Soon documentation changes on ofSite should be closed, since it will become harder and harder for me to maintain 
  1. project generator
  1. survey update
  1. any thoughts on "teams" / "projects"
  1. if not, the "contributors" page is changing
  1. 0.9.0
  1. Who will get commit #10,000?
1101 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kyle McDonald , Jonas Jongejan 1101 days ago
The file could either be a JSON or YAML file or the Makefile (other candidates?) 
Pros for Makefile
  • Easy to parse from the makesystem
  • More feature rich
  • Supports comments
  • Very human readable 

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