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David Newbury

658 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonas Jongejan , David Newbury 658 days ago
Jonas J Markdown structure playground
David N docs.openframeworks.cc (Currrent Website) 
  • Sound (ofCore Folder)
  • ofSoundPlayer (header file)
  • section (doxygen \section tag)
  • ofSetSoundVolume (ofCore global function)
Jonas J
  • ofSoundPlayer (class)
David N
  • section  (doxygen \section tag)
  • getPan (ofCore function)
  • getPlayer (ofCore function)
docs.openframeworks.cc (Proposed Website) 
  • Sound 
  • ofSoundPlayer
  • section
  • ofSetSoundVolume
  • ofSoundPlayer(class)
Jonas J
  • section 
David N
  • getPan
  • getPlayer
OpenFrameworks/OpenFrameworks (Core Codebase)
  • ofSoundPlayer file
  • ofSoundUtils file
  • ofVideoPlayer file
  • ofVideoPlayer class
  • ofVideoGrabber file
  • ofVideoGrabber class
  • ofFileUtils file
  • global functions
  • ofBuffer class
  • ofFilePath class
  • ofFile class
  • ofDirectory class
David N workergnome/ofdocs_markdown
David N
  • ofSoundPlayer.md
  • ofSoundPlayer.getPan.md
  • ofSoundPlayer.getPlayer.md
  • ofSoundUtils.md
  • ofVideoPlayer......
David N Doxygen (ofSoundPlayer.h)
Jonas J
  • ofSoundSetVolume (global function)
David N
  • ofSoundPlayer (class)
  • getPan (function)
1149 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by David Newbury 1149 days ago
David N Multilingual ofSite Requirements
In my experience, the best way to do this is for me to write a list of requirements, and then go from there. I'm going to be a little explicit in my requirements—that doesn't mean that they're set in stone, just that I've found that discussing and varying from concrete suggestions is better than trying to go from vague suggestions.
The site must be able to be edited by community contributors.
  • The site should allow contributions from anyone.
  • Contributions should be vetted by the core contributors for inclusion before appearing on the site.
The site should be a static HTML site, dynamically generated.
  • The site's code should be hosted on github.
  • The site should be automatically generated as a git post-commit hook.
  • The site itself should be static, without a backend.
The site should contain automatically generated Download and Docs content
  • The download page should be built using a script or tool that maintains feature parity across languages.
  • It should happen automatically as part of the OpenFrameworks release
Navigation should be handled dynamically
  • Header/Footer/Navigation sections of the site should be generated on build.
  • Links should correctly link to other sections of the site in the language that you are currently reading in
  • There should be an easy way to choose the language that you are reading in.
  • Links within page content should correctly redirect to the correct language.
The rest of the content should be written in Markdown
  • All non-dynamically generated content should be written in Markdown.
  • There should be a Markdown file for each section of the site.
  • There can be multiple sections on a single HTML page.
The site should be about OpenFrameworks and developing WITH OpenFrameworks, not about developing Openframeworks.
  • All of the of-dev content should be primarily hosted on GitHub.
  • There should be a obvious, prominent link to Github for development information.
The site should be easy to build locally
  • Running a local copy of ofSite should be able to be done by people on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Getting it running should be reasonably simple, and work consistently on any developer's system.
The site should use an established framework
  • the primary goal of ofSite is to allow people to write about OpenFrameworks, not develop a website.
  • Using off-the-shelf technology will allow other people to maintain the code, freeing us up to maintain the content.
The site should be able to function in multiple languages.
  • English is the primary language of OpenFrameworks, and all pages must have an english translation.
  • All content should be translatable—nothing in the site should be untranslatable by design.
  • There should be at least one section of the website that provides content that is language-and-community specific.
  • There should be an indication in the URL structure of the site to what language you are reading in.
(Do we keep the separate domains for each language, or do we go to eitherhttp://en.openframeworks.cc or http://openframeworks.cc/en ?) My suggestion would be to use thehttp://en.openframeworks.cc style, because it means that relative links within page content redirect to the correct language. http://openframeworks.jp also works, as long as we're sure that we can get that style of domain in every language we want.
Changes to the site should never provide misleading information
  • Changing a section of the website should never make a translation wrong. If something changes, it's better to fall back to english than keep content that is incorrect or diverges from the english site.
  • Navigation/Header/Footer content should be stored in a language store, not as markdown or html markup.
  • Changing the content should invalidate the translation automatically.
Individual sections can diverge between languages, but only within the topic of that section.
  • Any translations within the individual sections of the site should be written in the way that best communicates that information to the community.
  • They should not diverge in subject.
We should be able to redirect any existing URLs to their new locations
  • Either we maintain the existing URL structure, or we create redirects
  • Bookmarks should not break.
The site should function without javascript
Personally, I don't care about this or require this, but some people do. We should make a decision and stick with it.

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