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700 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Yi donghoon 700 days ago
  • This is a draft of a post that will appear on http://blog.openframeworks.cc/ when we release 0.9.0. It's meant to give a high level overview of some of the biggest changes since 0.8.4, and say thanks to the people who made it happen. The low-level details will still be added to the changelog.
  • This is one of the biggest openFrameworks releases to date, and will  probably be one of the biggest ever as we move to a more regular release cycle.
  • Some stats: The previous version, 0.8.4, was released September 19, 2014, and the last major version bump 0.8.0 was released August 9, 2013. The 0.9.0 Milestone shows 190+ closed issues, 115+ closed PRs, and almost 3000 commits since the last release. Development has been lead by Arturo Castro (arturoc), with contributions from approximately 100 people.
  • Major updates
C++11 support and removal of Poco
764 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by hansi 764 days ago
click on the settings icon (at the top right in edit mode, or in the bottom right in overview mode) and click delete.
i only have "view history", "embed" and "print". think i've pretty much tried clicking all the buttons. 

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